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Present Awards to 4 Girl Scouts and Their Troop in Franklin Lakes

  • 24Aug,2020

    Franklin Lakes Girl Scouts Plant Sugar Maple Tree to Honor Girl Scouts Killed in Wisconsin Hit-and-Run Crash Last November


    FRANKLIN LAKES, N.J. - The Franklin Lakes Chamber of Commerce proudly honored four Girl Scouts from Cadette Troop No. 96353 for planting a sugar maple tree in Flagpole Park.

    The scouts Sofia Stella, Aysha Shetov, Sophia Underfer and Ana Dandeneau are all eighth graders at Franklin Lakes Middle School. They planted the tree in memory of three Girl Scouts and a troop leader in Troop No. 3055 from Wisconsin who were killed by an intoxicated driver last November as they cleared trash along a highway in Lake Hallie.

    “These girls have a heart like many people, and they wanted to memorialize that event,” said Franklin Lakes Chamber of Commerce President John Morley. “Now that this tree is here, the girls will know every time they pass it to be grateful for their lives and for the girls from Wisconsin.”

    Morley gave each of the girls a plaque on Nov. 5 at the tree planting event, honoring them for their community service project. Stone House Nursery in Wyckoff donated the tree.

    The tree was also planted to add a new and healthy tree to the area since many trees throughout Franklin Lakes have died from viruses and infestation from various insects. The scouts planted the tree to earn their Silver Award.

    “Every year we keep losing many different types of trees and we have to start replacing them,” said Troop No. 96353 Leader Marivel Stella. “The tree the girls planted will last for years to come.”

    A formal dedication of the sugar maple tree is scheduled to take place in March 2020.

    The sugar maple is the first of several trees that will be planted in Flagpole Park to replace dead and diseased trees in Franklin Lakes, as part of the community’s forestry management plan.

    “We’re looking to enhance the forest canopy,” said Franklin Lakes Tree Specialist Kris Hasbrouck. “Franklin Lakes is a forested community.”

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