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  • The Franklin Lakes Chamber of Commerce's mission is to inspire members of our organization to promote,facilitate and cultivate continuous economic growth in our community. Our Chamber is a resource to introduce businesses with our business and consumers for a mutually beneficial business relationship.

    To be the Voice of The Citizens and Business residing in Franklin Lakes to our great town, local governments and State Government to promote positive changes to enable our social and economic world to thrive more each day.

    The Franklin Lakes Chamber is not a typical Business Depot Card Exchange club; we focus on attracting members that listen to (WIIFT) What's in it for Them; instead of (WIIFM) What's in it for me, mentality. Our community strives on looking into how we can help the other first and it naturally compels the other to want to help you soon after.

    Our Chamber has taken a passion to help others in need with many of our Annual Events like Our Food Drive and many others including many ongoing campaigns to serve Emergency Food and Life Essential Items needed by CFA (Center for Food Action) in Mahwah, NJ.


    The Franklin Lakes Chamber of Commerce

    Building Unity in Our Community™


    By assisting and or participating in Town Projects and Events we will build a greater sense of community to support many of the needs our society has today.


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We to listen to our clients, understand their challenges and provide solutions that make business more efficient.