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  • At The Franklin Lakes Chamber of Commerce we are all about providing a platform where people can come together to network, learn from each other and cultivate long term successful rewarding business relationships. Whether your are single person entity, a medium company or a large corporation we are here to help you reach more people in our great town and surrounding FLOW Area. We help brick and mortar business locations and even online business find the clients they need to expand their business.

    According to a study conducted by The US Chamber of Commerce.

    Do consumers really support business more that are Chamber Members?

    * When a small business is a member of a local chamber; consumers are 43% more likely to think favorably of them and 63% more likely to purchase goods or services from them in the future.

    * When a National Restaurant Chain is member of a local chamber; consumers are 40% more likely to do business with them.

    * When consumers see an Insurance Company being a member of a local chamber they are 43% more likely to buy from them.

    For less then a cup of coffee a day; The Franklin Lakes Chamber provides a great vehicle to get people to know about who "you" are and your business. One of the great perks of choosing to be a member is our exclusive member to member discount program and on-line referral system.

    Get involved, help us to help many of the great causes we fuel such as Center for Food Action in Mahwah and many other great charities; you will feel so good when you give your time to those in need. Our Chamber is the perfect place close to home where many have received their community service hours and have told us; "they didn't know where the time went while helping us".

    Events: If you choose to be a member you will be able to register online and get the lowest price to attend networking events. Those that are not members will pay much more. Our Networking Events at The Franklin Lakes Chamber range from Drop In Lunch Groups, Speed Networking, Round Robin Networking, Bingo Networking and much more.

    Welcoming of New Businesses and Home Owners to Town: Our Chamber takes the time to not only welcome new Homes and Businesses to the area but allows members only to provide us a small item and or offer to be included in a Welcome Bag; a perfect way to get new people to know about you and your business.

    E-News Letter: Although our newsletter is open to members/non-members we focus much of it on what you can do if you are member and special benefits just for members.

    On-Line Promotion: Upon joining The Franklin Lakes Chamber of Commerce you get a few things to help you which is all included in your membership:

    1) The ability to Create an online Profile and Select a Business Category to link it to with you logo and a video

    2) You even have the option to enable our Session Sponsorship; each time someone visits our site we use a linear method to show one of Chamber Members that have requested to be included in "Session Sponsorship"; a small banner that displays on the bottom of all pages for that entire visit. If you leave the site and come back or if someone else visits the site at the same time they will be greeted with yet another "Session Sponsor". Yes, that links to your online profile about your business.

    On-Line Referral System: Any Franklin Lakes Chamber Member may receive referrals or inquires for someone looking to do business with them from their profile. But we don't just stop there; the system allows a guest or member to click their profile and then fill out a brief form to send to the member and it even tracks it. We have a policy that requires all members to return correspondence with any other member within 72 business hours to stay in good standing.

    Social Media Exposure: With our Social Media on FB, Instagram and Twitter your content will often get reached because of our efforts to promote our site through them and the many events we put on throughout the year.

    Member to Member Discounts: All Franklin Lakes Chamber of Commerce Members have the ability to add a member only discount or offer; that can run from a certain period or be indefinite but is only valid for members. Our system will actually contact the member with the other parties information confirming their membership and thus enabling the member to provide the discount or special exclusive offer.

    Ribbon Cuttings: Our Chamber is proud to help welcome new members to Franklin Lakes by conducting a full formal ribbon cutting ceremony at the members place of business. We not only will help get the word out about the event, write the press release, contact media, assist with ideas to make your event stand out and we also provide the ribbon. On the day of the event about 15-20 minutes prior to the event we will go over the event program and review the points to make you stand out to media and your new potential customers.

    Sponsorships: Although we do take event and other sponsors from non-members the price as a member is about 50% less; we want to work with members that want to give back to our great community.

    Reputation System: Our system has been carefully designed to catch many comments that could cause hard feelings or plant a bad seed. If our system notices one of these; it will automatically hold your comment for moderation and log the event before it is sent or posted for the appropriate action.


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