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Franklin Lakes History

  • Originally Franklin Lakes was a township but it broke away to become a borough in 1922 as result of many debates on where to build a new school house. The funny part is Franklin Lakes and Wyckoff now share a single school district. When it was still Franklin Lakes; it had Oakland, Ridgewood, Mid-land Park, Ho-Ho-Kus. and Franklin Lakes was home to missile testing silos during the cold war.


    The very first Mayor of Franklin Lakes was William Pulis where you can now see were they got Pullis Ave from adjacent to DeKorte where the Municipal Buildings and Library are located today. If you were wondering the municipal complex was originally on Municipal Drive later changed to Dekorte Drive which was named after Mayor Richard W. Dekorte who served his term from (1936-1975). Did you know that two of towns trains stops was Pullis Ave and Crystal Lake.  


    Did you know that Mr. DeKorte passed away and his wife re-married years later and is still extremely involved in helping to shape many of our towns

    ordinances by being involved in Local Government.



    Franklin Lakes is a now a borough that is located in Bergen County, NJ and has a lot of unique history. One of things this borough is known for is that  it has at least six sandstone homes that still have residents living in them today. There is a real, working, windmill that is located in the Mill Gate Section of Urban Farms on a property which is part of the Fletcher Estate. I bet you didn't know that at one time there were more then a dozen mills. One can still see the remains of the last mill standing near Franklin Ave called the Cider Mill which was extremely popular and was destroyed in a fire in 1972.


    Franklin Lakes is tranquil, diverse community where "No" means; you need to think smarter and find a way to make your dreams a reality. The scenery, historic buildings and history behind this town are something that makes it more then any gem you will ever find.


    (This is a Legend: "The Franklin Lakes Chamber urges to understand what this is; DO NOT TRY THIS; you will get a ticket)


    A person pulls up to a stop sign and for safety reasons I am not telling you the exact location.


    In giving a brief history about most but not all of Franklin Lakes; I can help but tell you about one thing that always seems to get our town on the map from all over the country and that the "Gravity Defying Exit Ramp". There is an old legend that states "A long time ago there was a crippled girl that would ride the school bus to school on each day. The Bus would stop on the other side of the street on the other side of the underpass. One Rainy foggy afternoon as the school bus dropped her off from school; a drunk teenager failed to stop for the flashing school bus lights and his car hit and killed the girl instantly as she was crossing the street on her way home"


    "Then one would release the break and the car rolls; backward up the hill and stops at the mailbox"

    "And this is where she lived"


    It is said that the girl is still with us and she is pushing the car up the street.


    What is really going on here; the truth? It is an optical illusion as the trees and the landscape make it look like it is a upward hill but it really is

    a downward hill.


    When a reporter from a national magazine wanted to test this theory out on a Gravity Hill as he ws attempting to test this out; they were told"The State of NJ Prohibits any vehicle from backing up on an off ramp; to try the local legend" ( I have left the exact location out on purpose). "We will ticket any vehicle trying out a Gravity Road " as he was writing the ticket the reporter was immediately handed"

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