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Virtual Table to Table Network

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***IMPORTANT STEPS to ATTEND*** 1) Register and Pay for Ticket on Franklinlakeschamber.org 2) After Registering please wait 24 hours before attempting to register on URL provided 3) If you are a chamber member you will still register but there will be no cost for our members once loged in 4) Visit URL provided and login 15 minutes prior to event. Networking: Meeting quality people that are like minded and want to get to know you and your business. It is not a place to wear a hard sales hat and push products on people. It is where you want to learn about others and them about you. The truth about networking is finding people and learning what you have in common and how you may choose to help each other. Investment: At the Franklin Lakes Chamber we are all about quality and that's why we know you understand that non-members may attend these types of events for just $6.00 plus a small processing fee from the credit card company taking the cards. Event Format: Virtual Table to Table Network is a unique type of event that attempts to simulate the feeling of being in a live networking event. Virtual Table to Table Network will start off with a brief Introduction/Welcome and then a breif explanation of how to use the plattform. After the short review of how to navigate and use the platform we will retrn you to our social lounge with tables and the ability to move around the venue to meet other interesting business professionals. Your Privacy: When you register for a Franklin Lakes Chamber event you can feel comfortable as we will never share your information with anyone but our executive board members and all of them have an oath to use your contact information for the purposes of inviting you to other valueable Franklin Lakes Chamber Events. Code of Conduct: The Franklin Lakes Chamber as per our bylaws and Resolution for being Stigma Free will not tolerate any discrimination for race, color, religion, age, sexual orientation, political views. We strive to provide an environment where everyone will feel welcome and also not pressured to buy. Again; our events our the perfect spots to learn about others at your own pace and if connection makes sense invite them to a private 1 on 1 on a video conferencing platform of your choice or do a Face Time Call. If you went to meet someone I don't think you would meet them with a bag over your head or earplugs in your ear. Thus we ask the same courtesty; this is a person to person event and keep your cameras and microphones on. If nature does call that should be the only time you turn off your camera and microphone. Door Prizes: We do everything in our power to provide facilites either online or offline that welcome networking and give each other the opportunity to connect with people they never have met. One of the ways we provide an additional level of excitement is to offer some doorprizes which we welcome from any attendee. In exchange for a doorprize your Business Name, your contact information and what your business dones will be shared at the beginning of the event and at the end. Please note that if you want to be eligible for our door prizes you must remain till the end of the event. To get be notified when new Networking Events are schedueled, just text netevents to 888111

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 Making our Community Better One Day at a Time™ 

Membership Application

Whether you are an individual, small business owner or part of a large corporation; The Franklin Lakes Chamber is the organization to be a part of if you want to improve our community and foster many great relationships with like-minded people.

In our world it seems that we gravitate toward people we know like and trust for friendship, business and advice and the Franklin Chamber is a perfect conduit for that.


Franklin Lakes Chamber of Commerce Mission and Bylaws

·         Our Mission is to give back to our community, cultivate and foster relationships to aid in that purpose and give members a chance first when needing a product or service he/she provides. 


·         Our Chamber will provide a platform to allow members to connect with each other for purposes of community help and to foster business growth within the community.


·         The Chamber will educate members on how to network professionally; including but not limited to how and when to exchange business cards.


·         Any member of The Franklin Lakes Chamber of commerce is expected to conduct himself/herself in a respectful, professional, courteous manner. 



·         Our Chamber will charge an annual due of $165.00 per sole individual or company entity applicably.  The Chamber will carry on activities to help promote members’ businesses through our own website and through mailings to new property owners or renters.


Grand Openings:  Any chamber member from a new business is welcome to ask us to schedule a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Chamber President and Mayor.  The chamber will also use this as an opportunity to tell others in the community about the business and their new place in the community.



·         The chamber will also offer optional marketing opportunities through print, mailings, deliveries, etc. for and additional charge; however, these options will only be available to members in good standing.


·         All Members joining in 2018 will be included in every basked that gets personally delivered to new residents and business owners in Franklin Lakes for the first year when they provide us a small item.


·         This chamber will not discriminate against anyone for any of the normal reasons as set forth by the National Code of Discrimination.


·         Our Primary service area will be Franklin Lakes; thus, other members are welcome to join however the efforts of this chamber will be in cultivating opportunities for people who do business with those in Franklin Lakes.


·         The Franklin Lakes Chamber of Commerce may award an Honorary membership for one year in reward for a public service act performed for the community or other notable accomplishment.  The executive board must vote on all requests either given by other board members or made my chamber members.


·         You hereby give the Franklin Lakes Chamber authorization to email you any said invoice for membership and notices about future events the chamber is running.


·         Should any complaint arise from a member; the offending member is expected to resolve the complaint amicably within 30 days; failure to do so may result in the board terminating their membership with no refund of paid dues.


·         Guests are welcome to attend two meetings after which expect the member to make a decision to join and pay the annual dues before attending the next meeting.


·         Membership dues will be invoiced annually depending on time of signup and will renew automatically 365 days from that date; dues must be paid within 30 days; failure to do so will cause a letter to be sent indicating the amount due within 90 Days or the member ship will be terminated for non-payment.


·         The Franklin Lakes Chamber will have one President, Treasurer, Secretary and up to (5) Vice Presidents:  VP of Membership, VP of Education, VP of Events, VP of Fundraising, VP of Public Relations and additional positions may be added as needed.


·         The Board of Directors may create such divisions, bureaus, councils, or subsidiary corporations, as it deems advisable to handle the work of the Chamber. The Board shall authorize and define the powers and duties of all division, bureaus, departments, councils, committees, and subsidiary corporations. The Board shall annually review and approve all activities and proposed programs of such divisions, bureaus, departments, councils, committees and subsidiary corporations having bearing upon or expressive of the Chamber unless approved by the Board of Directors.


·         By using our Website you hereby agree that slander and inappropriate conduct toward other members, officers and or vendors will not be tolerated, monitored and cause posts containing such matter to be put into a review queue for moderation which will be deleted and cause a strike against you;  Three strikes and you are our of chamber.


·         Communication:  You hereby agree that you will respond to all Chamber Members and non-member inquires through our site Member referral system within 72 business hours or a strike will be added to your profile; since we are all about reliable, effective, positive communication to potentially generate mutually long-term business relationships.

Thanks for passing the word along about us and our mission


We still have a few board positions open and ask about serving on a committee.


                 Making our Community Better One Day at a Time™

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