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(COVID 19) Fundraiser to provide Masks

  • (COVID 19) Fundraiser to provide Masks and other PPE to Local Hospitals

    Good Day Residents, Neighbors & Business Owners:

    My name is John C. Morley and I am the President of The Franklin Lakes Chamber of Commerce.  One of our chamber's main missions is to help those in need.  It gives me and our team great pleasure when we are able to do food drives, non-food drives, chairty events and other give back to the community events.  I don't have the words to express my level of gratitude for your past support in welcoming us into the commuity and choosing to be part of our organization and expressing your support by the the amazing levels of time and generosity shown.


    Our chamber is happy to answer our community's need where we are indirectly called to action to help those that need our support. 

    This is our first reach out for (COVID 19) and it is our hope to be a resource for our needed nearby commuity's during this pandemic as long as their is a need.


    During (COVID 19) The Franklin Lakes Chamber understands the challenges that many our going through including many of our front line workers such as first responders, general hospital workers, Doctors, Nurses and their staff.  We have been talking to many of the hospitals and are told they Need N95 or KN95 Masks Desperately and PPE.  Thus we are responding to the call by asking for your Tax-Free Donation as we are a 501(c3) Organization.  When are hopsitals have enough of a supply we will then  begin distributingour custom made cloth masks for distribution in the Franklin Lakes Community and nearby areas.


    Below you will find a form where we are asking you to help us by giving to our first (COVID 19) Fundraiser to support our challenged community in need.

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